Solution for Level 6-18 (Fruit Market)

How do you beat Cut the Rope 2 level 6-18 in Fruit Market? This page contains the solution of level 6-18 in episode 6 (Fruit Market) from the popular iOS and Android game Cut the Rope 2. This step-by-step walkthrough will guide you through each and every part of this game and assist you with the solution to complete this level with 3 stars.

3 stars

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Don't use Roto's help.

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Level 6-18

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Fruit Market

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Posted on 08/10/2014

drop roto use snail brow to push log use log to hit om nom push the block cut the rope blow air


Posted on 11/17/2014

Only solution for medal I could find was using balloons after clearing top box as in regular solution.


Posted on 05/14/2015

Medal solution without balloon. Use snail till ball clears from top box. As ball swinging cut the rope so ball lands right on top left edge of lower platform. Then use cushion to blow all the way over to om.

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