Solution for Level 4-9 (City Park)

How do you beat Cut the Rope 2 level 4-9 in City Park? This page contains the solution of level 4-9 in episode 4 (City Park) from the popular iOS and Android game Cut the Rope 2. This step-by-step walkthrough will guide you through each and every part of this game and assist you with the solution to complete this level with 3 stars.

3 stars

Cut the rope below the wooden plank. Press the left toss and toss the candy on the wooden plank. The candy will roll to the right toss. Cut both right and left rope from the wooden plank. First the left then the right one. Press the right toss. Then press the left toss.


Score 5200 points or more.

Current level

Level 4-9

Current episode

City Park

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Posted on 03/13/2014

Bottom rope. Bottom toss. Left rope. Right rope. Top toss. Bottom toss.


Posted on 07/04/2014

Medal on the version I have is 2 stars in 5 seconds. Seems impossible as the first jump takes 4. HELP!!!


Posted on 07/04/2014

I guess all it took was me posting. Have to work quick, but it's bottom rope, jump, top jump, right balloon.


Posted on 08/04/2014

Mine's 2 stars - I still can't get it -HELP!


Posted on 11/25/2014

It is 2 stars in 5 seconds or less...can you guys update? I've tried so many times and the closest I get is 2 stars 7 seconds


Posted on 05/16/2015

For 5 seconds 2 stars, cut the bottom rope and tap the spring at the same time. When the candy is in the second spring, tap it. Let it hit the right balloon and just before/when it hits the wooden plank, cut the right rope.

B lit

Posted on 05/22/2015

I got it with this method and 15 tries. Get the candy in the second spring like the video. But right when the candy gets there, launch it. The candy should hit the right balloon an fall. Cut the right string before the candy hit the wooden plank. The candy should ricochet on the now vertical board, getting the star, then getting eaten. Hope this helped, sorry I don't do the video thing.


Posted on 12/26/2015

2 stars in 5 seconds: bottom rope, bottom toss, top toss (do it quick enough and you'll hit the bottom of the right balloon, only hitting the right star), cut right balloon, land ok 2nd star and om nom.


Posted on 12/31/2015

It seems impossible but it is freak me! 2 stars in 5 seconds: cut bottom rope, toss candy asap, let it rise and drop into top toss, shoot it back up asap, let it bounce off of the right balloon and drop onto the plank and then pop the right balloon. Candy should ride slope of plank toward Om Nom.

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